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These collections are the best-value way to read the books of Brutewood Correctional!
Vol. 1: A Lifetime Sentence
Vol. 2: Without Parole
Only comfortable with a certain amount of kink? Try these collections:
Minimum Security, Vol. 1.
Medium Security, Vol. 1.
Maximum Security, Vol. 1.


No Homo: Prisoners
Six young men are sentenced to prison, forced to live in brutal, overcrowded conditions with a group of rough and macho cellmates. This is the story of their incarceration and their struggle to survive in the Brutewood Correctional hierarchy that would exploit each of them in their own way, pushing them into criminal and sexual exploits that they never thought they would agree to. The six inmates include tough gangsta Darren, wisemouthed redneck Marcus, “ex-gay” preacher Rick, popular jock Talab, arrogant thug Victor and charming cholo Pablo, all of whom must learn to trust in each other and themselves in order to cope with the stresses of prison life. “No Homo” is erotic urban fiction, brimming with hardcore and kink-filled action. It is unique in that, despite its uncompromising and raunchy look at prison sexuality, there is no ‘gay sex’ in the entire book — that is, there is no act in this story whose participants consider themselves to have done something unambiguously gay. It is, however, jam-packed with man-on-man action and all the sexual humiliation that comes with being a straight guy in prison.

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No Homo: Prisoners is also available with five prequels in the Omnibus Edition.

Deep Orange
is the story of Rashad Jenkins, a convict who came to prison to find out who killed his brother years before. Rashad is forced to become that which he despises in order to be accepted by his new peers. He struggles with the crude conditions and cramped quarters of Brutewood Correctional, coming face to face with his masculinity and sexual identity. His journey is a no-holds barred erotic kinkfest, meant for adult readers who can stomach the rough and raunchy sexuality that Brutewood Correctional is known for.

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Short Works

Black Bear Behind Bars: Thumper White and Gary Frankson are cellmates — one neat, the other a mess; one old, the other young; one a lifer, the other a short-timer. Gary is glad on the one hand to live with someone as powerful in the prison gang leadership as Thumper, but on the other hand, he must always be careful to avoid drawing Thumper’s ire. As he and Thumper grow close, he finds that time and physical intimacy have played a role on Thumper’s sense of boundaries, and his ostensible heterosexuality is no match for his need for human contact. Gary goes along to get along, only wanting to survive long enough to live as a free man once again.
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The Russian Prison Bitch: This book is too hot for Amazon or Smashwords! It is a Bitcoin exclusive short fucktale! Only $0.99! Vassiliy is a proud young Russian man who made a simple deal when times were desperate: he was to come to America, plead guilty to a small crime, serve a couple years in a nice American prison and have enough money to start a new life when released. It isn't until he finds himself sentenced to life without parole that Vassily realizes what cruel trick has been played on him. He is forced to live with a viciously macho thug named Antonov, the only one around who speaks Russian. Vassiliy has no choice but to do whatever Antonov requires in order to survive, and Antonov has some awfully intense requirements. But Vassiliy has no intention of letting his life idle away without meting out some righteous vengeance, and Antonov is the only perpetrator within his grasp.

Inmates Downlow: Mike Pavreau isn’t sure how he’s going to survive behind bars, especially when he finds that his cellmate is a mean-faced black thug, Jordan Dalton. But Jordan turns out to be more than he first appeared to be, and Jordan himself is surprised at his feelings for his handsome white cellmate. Their friendship turns physical in the lonely isolation of a prison cell at Brutewood Correctional, and by the time Mike is preparing to leave, Jordan is ready to pop the question of a lifetime.
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Undercover Behind Bars : Reggie Meyers is an undercover agent willing to brave Brutewood Correctional to catch a dangerous thug named Broadback. His plan to coach Broadback into a confession stalls, however, and Reggie is forced to cross his moral and sexual boundaries in order to survive. A sadistic screw soon throws a wrench into the entire plan, leaving Reggie in a very tight jam. Not only is it possible that Broadback will get away with his crimes, it seems Reggie risks being stuck at Brutewood forever.
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Conviction of Iron: Travis Timson is part of the Blue Roses, a tough motorcycle gang that controls his cell block at Brutewood Correctional Facility. He's as comfortable as he can be with man-on-man action, which is good because his new life behind bars encompasses a lot of it. Travis finds himself servicing Blue Rose leaders like the biker Victor Roach and a crude skinhead who goes by Swat. The trials and tribulations of Travis' prison life culminate in a hardcore climax you'll have to read to believe!
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A Cholo Convict Tale: Raoul Santos goes by El Oso -- "The Bear" -- and he's become a champion bodybuilder behind bars. He's got the muscles to compete outside of prison, and one guard thinks he's got what it takes to make it happen. But El Oso is ready to give himself an edge no matter what it takes, and when a male-friendly judge agrees to judge in his favor for sexual thrills, El Oso jumps at the chance. He's willing to bend the boundaries of his sexuality for a little sweet release and a chance at a victory in the contest of a lifetime.
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Men of the Mississippi State Prison When Kerry T. Hanson was arrested for the death of his wife, he never thought he’d be convicted and sentenced to die. But the cruelties of Mississippi justice ran roughshod over the truth, and he found himself trapped in a nightmarish prison system, awaiting his death through one means or another. This is his hardcore and sexually charged story, as he finds solace in the arms and waiting mouth of another man, and a prison officer vents his sexual frustration on the inmates of the Brutewood Correctional Facility.
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A Redneck Convict Goes Gay-4-Pay: Carruthers is a hard-edged rough-necked working man, out on an early release program from Brutewood prison. Trying to earn a little money, he agrees to do some light carpentry and yardwork for a gay couple who have their eyes on more than just a new backyard. They think Carruthers’ time behind bars might have left him ready to try the other pink meat, and they’re sure they have what it takes to push him over the line. But Officer Armstrong has his own designs on what Carruthers has to do next, leading to an explosive finale you’ll have to read to believe!
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Conviction of Steel is a hard-hitting, gritty ebook featuring forced sex, gangbangs and a prison-rape hip hop video. It's a series of vignettes covering the lives of the men of Brutewood, forced to use their bodies to please and profit their overseers.
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You can also read a sample chapter.

Turkish Oil Wrestling Prison When an American soldier is caught off-base in Turkey with a small amount of marijuana, he is sent off to the hardest, cruelest prison in the country. The inmates there are tough and macho, bulging with muscles and curves, but are comfortable with a degree of physical intimacy that would be seen as gay in much of the Western world. Our hapless hero finds himself in a position that's both erotic and humiliating, serving as a specialized masseuse for the men of the prison oil wrestling team. Pleasing their aching muscles and rubbing them down with oil every day, he must struggle to find a name and a place for himself among the brutes he finds himself living with.
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Prison in My Day Wendell “Thumper” White is a champion boxer sidelined by charges related to the accidental death of an opponent in the ring. With the possibility of prison time over his head, Wendell’s uncle and grandfather warn him of the sexual dangers and intrigues that come with being locked up. But Wendell is more excited than fearful about that aspect of prison life and comes to enjoy his family’s lessons.
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Incarceration Blues is a sexy hardcore story featuring more rough prison sex along with hardcore edging and humiliation. This is a small, tidy tale about one man pushing another into utter submission.
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Men of the New Mexico State Prison Fresh-faced inmate Ryan Timson struggles to find a place in the prison hierarchy, settling into the arms of one of the many macho cholos that fill up the bunks around him. His name is El Oso, and he is proudly heterosexual, dripping with machismo. He never thought he’d come to appreciate a man’s caress, but soon discovers that Ryan’s skills come in handy behind bars. Together the two explore the depths of masculinity in this passionate tale of jailhouse lust.
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Difficult Crimes, Difficult Times is a gritty and heart-poundingly aggressive prison sex tale about three young friends whose lives and bodies are torn apart when they get locked up in a cell block meant for Latin gangstas and cholos.
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How to Turn Straight Men Gay - What I Learned in Prison - Truth as Fiction Jacob struggles to adjust to life in prison. The only thing keeping him going is his very unconventional relationship with his cellmate. Nighttime is when it happens, a ritual they share behind closed bars; but just how far will they take it?
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And for the best value, buy it in the following collection:

2 Gay Prison Sex Stories
, which also contains the story My Hard Prison Rape: How I Learned to Love My Huge Cellmate.

Men of the Baltimore City Jail Officer Charlotte Smith loves her job at the Baltimore City Jail because it gives her easy access to what she loves most: men. The prison is home to hundreds of sexy thugs, bikers, rednecks and cholos, masculine and macho guys, eager to defile Officer Smith in every way they can. One inmate in particular strikes her fancy due to his talent at fucking, and she finds a way to wring every last drop of sexual pleasure out of his prison-toned body. This story contains both straight and gay sex acts and forced prison rape of both orientations.

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Men of the Baltimore City Jail Officer Charlotte Smith loves her job at the Baltimore City Jail because it gives her easy access to what she loves most: men. The prison is home to hundreds of sexy thugs, bikers, rednecks and cholos, masculine and macho guys, eager to defile Officer Smith in every way they can. One inmate in particular strikes her fancy due to his talent at fucking, and she finds a way to wring every last drop of sexual pleasure out of his prison-toned body. This story contains both straight and gay sex acts and forced prison rape of both orientations.

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Men of the El Salvador Federal Prison Hernan is a slim young man who has no idea what he's in for when he's sent to El Salvador's most notorious prison. He thinks he can handle himself, but he's wrong in more ways than one! At Zacate Prison, people like Hernan need protection, and someone like the burly cholo Oso is only too happy to provide it. Oso is ready to show Hernan a new way to live, if only Hernan is willing to learn. Their relationship evolves in unexpected ways as Hernan confronts the reality of his life behind bars.

Buy Men of the El Salvador Federal Prison on Amazon!

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Thugs in prison forced by circumstances to find comfort in each other’s arms

Thugs in prison forced by circumstances to find comfort in each other’s arms

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